Stabilized assorted wood pen blanks 6 pcs

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6 assorted pen blanks

1. Stabilized natural spalted box elder burl 0.98x1.02x5.16" (25*26*131mm)
2. Stabilized hybrid glow box elder burl 1.02x1.02x5.35" (26*26*136mm)
3. Stabilized black ash burl 0.82x0.82x5.04" (21*21*128mm)
4. Stabilized box elder burl 1.02x1.02x4.61" (26*26*117mm)
5. Stabilized box elder burl 1.02x1.02x4.88" (26*26*124mm)

6. Natural Honduran rosewood burl 0.9x0.9x5.0" (23*23*126mm)

Premium quality stab wood blanks. 

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